Tips for Kuro Maguro | 黒鮪
by 黒鮪 Kuro Maguro by Maguro Donya

Tips for Kuro Maguro | 黒鮪

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We all share the same ocean. I would like to enjoy Maguro which is our common property for everyone in the world. Nowadays, the culture of eating SASHIMI is spreading around the world. Japan must be the leader provide quality control and a distribution system from catch to deliver for the fish to be SASHIMI quality.

In order to pass on to the next generation a life style of healthy eating with good fish, facing the question “What is sustainable fishery?”. Since Japan is a country that has a deep culture of eating fish, we need to be able to explain our way of understanding sustainable fishery to the rest of the world. I would be happy if the next generation of children would be interested in becoming Maguro Donya.

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